Boys and Girls Clubs support critical Brain Development in children

March 14th, 2019

March 5th, 2019. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island program leaders and staff gathered at the Moose Hall in Cedar for a very interactive workshop about “Growing the Children’s Brain”. Gary Anaka, author and pioneer in Brain Health and Wellness lend the team through activities to showed examples of what a childs’ brain requires to develop to its full potential.

Anaka, lead the team through a number of exercises to demonstrate what activities are important for the full development of children.  It does seem like common knowledge for some but not all children receive this type of support from families and their environment. Some of those activities included: movement, experience & environment, sleep, proper diet, learning, safety, caring, play, virtues, brain sedation (less screen time).

“Boys & Girls Clubs are mostly located in vulnerable communities where the need for accessible and

Affordable services for children are high. Over half of the children we serve live in single parent families, 18 per cent are Indigenous, 14 per cent are newcomers, and 18 per cent have special needs, 4 per cent live in foster care and 3 per cent have interacted with the justice system.” After School: The times of their lives (2018)

The Boys and Girls Clubs, already experts in providing children with healthy, safe and supportive environments receive topical training similar to this on an on-going basis.  BGCCVI really demonstrates the commitment the organization has to provide learning opportunities that advance the credentials of their staff.

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