Our community based outreach program is here to help.

The Child Youth & Family Services (CYFS) Program is a voluntary community-based program for children and youth between the ages of 6-18 years of age who are experiencing behavioural and/or social difficulties and who may be at risk of individual or family breakdown. 

The CYFS Program is a community-based outreach program.  During service, the worker will often engage children and youth in community-based activities to help work towards individual goals and outcomes.  As part of the program, participants may also be socialized with other peers and engage in group activities.

Common activities in the CYFS Program include:

  1. Artistic activities such as painting, pottery, music, yoga, drawing, and crafts.
  2. Athletic activities including skating, swimming, bowling and sports including squash, football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer.
  3. Outdoor pursuits including hiking, fishing, geocaching and Frisbee golf.
  4. Personal pursuits including homework, special interests, volunteer placements, resumes and job searches.

Program Support

BGC Central Vancouver Island and the CYFS program acknowledge the support from the following partners: