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Government of Canada


Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Skilled4Success: Skilled Trades and Career Program

Skilled4Success is a pre-employment program designed to provide youth age 13-18 with an understanding of workplace and employer expectations, job search techniques, and career options. In addition to interactive pre-employment group activities, the program also contains a job shadowing component. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Youth Career Focus – Awareness Program.

PHAC (Public Health Agency of Canada)

Kid Food Nation

Kid Food Nation is a national food skills initiative designed for kids aged 7-12 that aims to improve food skills and support healthy eating habits. The program empowers and educates kids, parents, and families to plan, prepare, and cook healthy meals and snacks.

Trauma-informed Sports Program

This program is a sports program for 8-12 year olds that takes the best part of sport (e.g. drills, fun competition, leagues, tournaments) and the power of being part of a team to equip kids to better handle the ups and downs of life. This program is designed around what is commonly described as a “trauma-informed practice” which takes the most cutting edge and effective approaches from both the clinical and academic realms of childhood trauma and healing and adapts these approaches to fit into Boys and Girls Club organizations and culture.

In conjunction with Edgework Consulting, a leader in the field of out-of-school and sports-based trauma-informed programming, the program will be piloted at three Clubs—St. Alban’s, Kawartha Lakes and Okanagan—and then rolled out nationally.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Support from Human Resource and Skills Development Canada provides core funding to Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to help:

Serve additional children and, youth in more communities.
Enhance the capacity of Boys and Girls Clubs to provide quality programs.
Ensure accountability and provide support to all Boys and Girls Clubs so they can deliver on the organization’s mission.
Participate in and learn from research in order to deliver the most relevant programs to children youth and their families.

Elections Canada

Democracy Week in Canada and BGCC have partnered with Elections Canada on a youth democracy module for Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada.  Youth, Democratic Practice and Active Citizenship is a Keystone Club Leadership tool that aims to empower youth with civic education skills and knowledge so they can exercise their right to participate as informed citizens in Canada’s decision-making systems.  The module explains how democracy works in Canada and how young people can express their ideas and make a difference for the future.

Justice Canada

Through support from Justice Canada in 2010, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada was able to bring together Clubs from across Canada to a common forum to help collaborate on solutions for gang violence in Canada. Some outcomes of the forum were (1) sharing existing expertise, experience and tools, (2) learning from colleagues who have implemented successful approaches and (3) transferring existing tools for possible adaptation and utilization.

Service Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada has received funding from Service Canada as part of the Canada Summer Jobs initiative. Canada Summer Jobs is a Service Canada program that provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for youth. It is designed to focus on local priorities while helping both youth and their communities.