Find support in our confidential, non-judgemental group setting.

Parenting Without Power Struggles is a professionally facilitated education and group support program for parents of preteens.

Program Description

Over 10-weeks, the program encourages parents to build on their family strengths, gain confidence in parenting an emerging teen, and discover practical ideas on how to prepare for the transition from preteen to teen. 

Most importantly, Parenting Without Power Struggles can help parents connect with others who are experiencing similar issues. This is all provided in a confidential, non-judgemental group setting.

Positive outcomes of attending this program:

  • Increased confidence as a parent
  • Anger management skills and a better ability to defuse conflict
  • Better relationships with spouse and past partners
  • Knowledge of issues affecting their child’s lives
  • Increased ability to advocate on behalf of themselves and their families
  • Compassion for other families
  • Decreased isolation and greater friendship
  • Access to community resources
  • New coping and communication skills
  • Increased ability to address self-care

Parenting Without Power struggles is offered virtually via Zoom.

Parents Without Power Struggles is for parents of preteens.

Parents Without Power Struggles meets on Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm.

Phone: 250-338-7141



To register for Parenting Without Power Struggles, contact the Parenting Programs Coordinator by email at or by phone 250-338-7141.

BGCCVI Membership ($24.00 annually) is required for participation in this program. Please note that the fee can be waived based on need.

Program Resource Materials Fee- $20.00. Please note that this fee can be waived based on need.

Parenting Without Power Struggles is made possible with support from the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Development.