Safe Kids Program at VIEX

July 25th, 2019

Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island

Proud sponsor of the VIEX Safe Kids Program!

Great Tips to Be Prepared

Take a family photo on your cellphone before you leave for the fair. Make sure it clearly shows your children and what they are wearing. This will provide officials with much better information than a verbal description.

When you get there, show your children these things:

  • Designate a meeting point. Pick a spot easily visible from everywhere in the park to be your family’s meeting place.
  • Safe Kids Booth will be designated on the VIEX Map. Tell your children they can go here if they are lost and if it’s closer than the meeting point.
  • Important people. Point out to your child who to go to if they get separated: fair staff, police, security, etc.

Young Kids (7 years old and under)

  • Register your name and obtain a sticker from the BGCCVI tent (located on map). Written on it should be your child’s first and last name, your name, and your mobile number.
  • Dress them in bright colours.
  • Hold your child’s hand.
  • Place very small children in strollers and tie an identifying ribbon on the stroller. Many strollers look alike.

Older Kids (8 years and up)

  • If your child has a phone, program it with all the contact numbers they will need.
  • Use a buddy system. Have them go in pairs to anywhere they might be starting to go independently– to the bathroom, on rides, etc.
  • Have a plan and designated meeting place.
  • Teach them about stranger danger. Be cautious with grown-ups asking for help, never approach a strange car, yell loudly if a stranger tries to get them to go somewhere, etc.

  What to Do When Your Child goes missing at VIEX?

  • First, stay calm so you can think. Kids don’t usually stray too far.
  • Do a quick search of the immediate area at a child’s eye height. Notice anything that may have caught your child’s attention.
  • Call out your child’s name as you scan and search.
  • Keep the rest of your group together.
  • Do not wander off yourself. If everyone goes in different directions, everyone gets lost.
  • Inform the nearest VIEX employee or volunteer. All VIEX Employee and volunteers are instructed on what to do in cases of separated children.

The BGCCVI Tent also provides *Stroller Parking, Change Table and Nursing Area – we are set up across from the Show office.