Anita Pangborne-LaHue


Business/Political/Community Experience

When my children became part of the Boys & Girls Club I had the opportunity to participate as a parent with the organization.  I returned to the Board in 2013 with my new found experiences as a parent.

Board Experience

I was on the Board from 1992 to 2009 when I left to spend more time with my baby boy.

Reason for choosing to be a BGCCVI Board Member

This organization has made a difference in the lives of children, including my own – some examples:

  • Quality Care:  focus is on the quality not the quantity of care – a balanced approach to funding and ensuring the quality of care. Staff have a personal approach with the parents and kids.
  • Connection:  It was very difficult for my children to see me leave to go to work – staff used various strategies to help them through the separation transition, eg:  the waving chair, cuddling and diverting their attention.  They helped me manage my separation anxiety as well.
  • Activities:  Staff organized trips to water slides, a ride on a bus, visiting a fire station, teaching songs to performing at a senior home and learning to give back to their community.

Staff don’t just come to work because it is their job, it is because they care…