Doug Cleveland


Business/Political/Community Experience

It is a pleasure to participate as a new member to the BGCCVI and to give back into the community that I so enjoy. It is important, to be involved with people that take positive action in the community and put words into action.

In the past 30 year as a financial adviser for individual and business, it has given me the opportunity to have many great experiences with people in a variety of interests.

Board Experience

I have served on numerous boards of non-profit organization throughout BC since 1987, which are involved at the local and provincial levels to benefit the community.

Reason for choosing to be a BGCCVI Board Member

Children are our future and as a community we need to support them, with variety different opportunities. BGCCVI provides numerous programs, in a safe environment to assist the children so that they will become a contributing member to the community, which will help them grow and develop a healthy path.

Many years ago a grandfather and his grandson were talking and the boy asked what is mankind made up of. The grandfather thought for a moment and related a story about man being made up of two wolves. One was good, kind and loving, the other was evil, vile and gross. There was a long silence and the boy asked who wins. The grandfather said softly, “The one you feed”.

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