Kade Holt

Licensed Program Supervisor of Lantzville Club

Kade Holt has been a part of our BGCCVI team since 2016, starting as a Sr. Program Leader and eventually becoming the Licensed Program Supervisor of Lantzville.


What is your position at BGCCVI?

Licensed Program Supervisor


Where is your primary club location?



Where did you study/receive your training, and how long have you been part of the BGCCVI?

Studied at VIU- Bachelor of Arts with Psychology Major

I have been a part of BGCCVI for 2 years


How has your knowledge and skills improved since joining the BGCCVI team?

Learning how to organize and run a program Learning about administration responsibilities


What made you choose this line of work (Child Care, non-profit etc)?

Already having experience working with the city of Nanaimo summer camps


What do you enjoy most about your current position?

Hanging out with the kids and taking part in the activities


How do you try to make the club/program feel special and memorable for all participants and their families?

Adapting program to better suit all the children (individualized programming)


What are some important life skill you are trying to pass on to the participants?

Fun through sport (Physical activity)

Positive social interaction through physical activity


What are your favourite hobbies to do over the weekend?

Spend time with his dogs, Hiking, Backcountry camping


What’s your favourite movie from when you were young?

The Lion King


Where are you planning to go for your next vacation? Why have you chosen that spot? Or what awesome place have you been recently?

Planning a hiking trip North Island Just got back from Peace River Alberta visiting family