Lou Gagne


Business/Political/Community Experience

As a Registered Interior Designer in my day job, my training and passion is about making improvements. Not just in the interior space itself but in how people relate & interact, their sense of well-being, flow, joy, security etc.

Board Experience

I have been a member of the BGCCVI Board for over 12 Years and am presently the Secretary.

Reason for choosing to be a BGCCVI Board Member

I care about children and families in our communities. I want to help create new learning opportunities, equal and fun playing fields and empowering environments for our clients and the great staff & volunteers that support them. I look at everything with a critical and creative eye and a desire to improve. This is both a blessing and a curse. I am known as a great ideas person and usually have many more ideas than I know what to do with. If I can share any of these small or maybe brilliant ideas or use some of my specific skill sets to help this organization grow and develop than I am happy. As well I learn and develop new skill sets through working as a team with my other Board members. I envision great things for our clubs and of course fabulous spaces for our children and youth to learn and develop.