Michelle Janes

Program Leader

My name is Michelle Janes and I attended the Chase River Boy’s and Girl’s Club starting at the age of 4. Throughout my elementary school years the Boys and Girls Club helped me to gain more self-confidence as well as friendship and support that has lasted longer than I could have ever imagined. I believe that the Club helps to meet every child’s individual needs including my own as a child. My experience at the Chase River Boys and Girls Club was so inspiring that as I continued into high school I didn’t feel that my time at the club was done. So, I continued to attend Chase River as a junior leader, taking my knowledge as a child into the leader position. This is when I decided that working with children and youth is my passion. Since then, I have started the Child and Youth Care program at Vancouver Island University and now work as a Program Leader at the Chase River Boys and Girls Club. My mom Linda Janes has also worked at the Chase River Boys and Girls Club since I was 4 and I believe that her drive, enthusiasm and passion is what sparked my interest in this facility and career direction. She has given me the tools I need to continue on successfully in my chosen path and help me to reach my dreams. The confidence that I gained as a child at the Boys and Girls Club has helped me as a leader with building strong relationships with the children and has helped me to become comfortable with leading a group. There are many things that I have gained throughout my years at the club, and I know that there is still so much for me to explore and understand as I continue on with this amazing group of people! I cannot say thank you enough for what I have gained and achieved.