Appreciative of all the support and love.

Stories of Impact

Tara and Mason

May 30th, 2019

I am sitting on the tiny children’s chairs in the multipurpose room at the Chase River Boys and Girls Club talking to a mom (Tara) and her son (Mason) about their experiences at the Boys and Girls Clubs. Mason is a friendly, 7 year old and is eager to get off the chair and get his photo taken, not in front of the flowers but the fish tank.

Mason has been coming to the BGCCVI since he was 3.5 years old and mom says, “He loves it.” Mason tells me that his best friend name is Talon and his favorite activity is Lego. Mason has many friends that also attend the after school care program with him. The club bus driver picks them up after school and drives them to club Monday to Friday, parents or approved caregivers can then pick them up until 6pm.

Making the move from being an at home mom to working mom can be so very difficult for both you and the child. Tara and Mason found this to be true.  Tara said, “Mason had a difficult transition period, but the staff at BGCC made it so much easier for him. They had a special chair that he could stand on to look at the window and wave to me as I left.”

Tara is very appreciative of the support and love that her son has received at BGCCVI, “As a full-time parent, you can only hope that you are able to find a center that can provide care for your child as best as you could yourself if you were at home with them and I can honestly say for the past 3 years that my son they have gone beyond any expectations I could have ever possibly imagined.” “The staffs treat the children with kindness, love and respect and help to educate the children through conflict, feelings & correct behaviors where necessary. They take them on fun outings and engage them in outdoor play. They bake & make crafts and tend to their cuts and scrapes. It’s a great relief to know he’s in the best of hands possible”.

The After School Care Programs are offered during times when young people, if left unsupervised, are at highest risk of becoming victimized or drawn into negative or criminal activities.  Healthy development of the participating children is supported by fostering a sense of belonging, personal empowerment, achievement, and self-confidence. For more information, or 250-754-3215.