It has been an awesome Journey!

Stories of Impact

Paulus Bunadhie, assistant branch manager with RBC downtown Nanaimo location, will never forget the first time he dropped off his daughter to the Boys and Girls club for daycare on June 15 2011.

“I came by on my lunch break from work and peeked into the playroom and saw that she was alright.”

Since that day 8 years ago, “it’s been an awesome journey,” he says. “The friendships we have created with the staff and the other parents have lasted to this day. We run into the old instructors at the pool, and they remember Nikki. We still have playdates with the people that we met there that very first year.

“When you enrol your child at the Boys and Girls Club, it’s not just ‘I will look after your child the way I like to look after your child.’ They pay attention to your way of raising the kids. Plus, they don’t count on parents being able to keep track of everything. If there’s a special field trip or something that we need to remember for the next day, they’ll send a text or email reminder.”

His family’s experience, in addition to the strong reputation of the Boys and Girls Club in the community, made it a no-brainer when it came to his branch deciding who to support for their RBC staff day of service.

In fact, several times a year, the team from the Nanaimo Market location choose a charitable organization in the community to support, by donating their time and also an RBC grant of $1000.00. This year, the RBC team of 8 volunteered to paint a base coat for a wall mural on the outside wall of the central Vancouver Island Boys and Girls Club. They also applied for and received the RBC grant this year.

“I knew that when we passed that wall that the kids were going to see it every day,” says Bunadhie. “We also painted the Chase River location earlier this year.”

When the Royal Bank allocates money to donate to local charities, employees of individual branches have direct input into where the money goes, and the Boys and Girls Club is one the Nanaimo market employees’ first choice. Because they have their annual day of service more than once per year, they are able to help over 270 organizations in North Vancouver Island.

“These initiatives help to connect us to the community, as we often work side by side with other volunteers and people from the organization. And when we talk about what we do for a living, we help to foster the idea that finances are not intimidating and not “so taboo” to talk about.”

As an assistant branch assistant manager for 2yrs & 16 years with RBC, he knows how important it is to make those community connections. Although well settled in his career, he once held aspirations of a career in childcare himself. He himself grew up in a childcare environment as his mother owned a very well-respected daycare facility in Nanaimo. He was impressed with the variety of programs at the Boys and Girls Central Vancouver Island has to offer.

“They still remember walking to the library or the park when they were toddlers. And how many daycare centres take the kids to IMAX or Splashdown waterpark?

“As a community supporter and enhancer, in my opinion, every school should have a Boys and Girls Club on site. I  always tell my colleagues before you start a family, try to get a spot at the Boys and Girls Club.”