Teen Entrepreneur Club builds confidence in Teens

Stories of Impact

Mattias Hansen and Jordan Savard – Participation in the TEC (Teen Entrepreneur Club) Program Changed Everything!

AGESEXLOCATION is a streetwear clothing brand started by us, touching on our generation’s distrust for corporations and businesses in the current day and age. We didn’t like the fact that businesses nowadays try and be your friend, so we created the anti-business to go against that sort of emotional manipulation. We’re straight up with you.

When we joined the Teen Entrepreneur Club, our business was a passion project. We had so many questions about the business world, and Google was just not giving us what we needed.

What we got out of the program was not only the answers to these questions, but an amazing mentor, the knowledge and insight to know what decisions to make, and the confidence to make them ourselves.

Winning the Teen Tycoon competition meant that not only were our efforts validated, but we were also given so many unexpected opportunities to grow our business in leaps and bounds. We’ve got our own webstore. We’re working on a retail deal in Montreal. All of this came about because of the Boys and Girls Club’s generosity and confidence in us!

Teen Entrepreneur Club (TEC)