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Parents report better relationships with their youth as a result of attending the program.

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Professionally facilitated education and group support program for parents who are experiencing challenges while parenting a teen. Parents come to the group with a wide range of concerns. Most commonly, parents worry about their teen’s mental health, lack of motivation, substance use,  abusive or aggressive actions and their defiant/rebellious attitude. Many parents reaching out for support often feel guilty, blamed by others, isolated, and are not sure what to do. Parents Together can help address these feelings parents often begin to feel less alone and more confident in their parenting. This is all provided in a confidential, non-judgemental group setting.

Why Attend?


Many parents report better relationships with their youth as a result of attending the program. Parents may also experience:

Increased confidence as a parent

Anger management skills and a better ability to defuse conflict

Better relationships with spouse and past partners

Knowledge of issues affecting their child’s lives

Increased ability to advocate on behalf of themselves and their families

Compassion for other families

Decreased isolation and greater friendship

Access to community resources

New coping and communication skills

Increased ability to address self-care


Parents Together is an ongoing group that meets weekly.  For registration and program information please contact:

Nanaimo –   250-754-9661

Comox Valley –  250-338-7141.

BGCCVI Membership ($24.00 annually) is required for participation in this program. Program Resource Materials Fee- $20.00.  Please note that this fee can be waived based on need. Please note that the fee can be waived based on need.


Parents Together is made possible with support from the Ministry of Children & Family Development.


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