A $24.00 membership fee is due at the time of registration and is payable again every September thereafter.  This membership fee cannot be prorated.  More information on Fees and Membership is available in the Program Handbooks on the Resources Page.

Online Program Registration (Childcare Programs)

All BGCCVI Licensed Childcare Programs (Out of School Care, Daycare, Preschool) register through EZChildTrack Online Registration System.

For all other Unlicensed Programs, please scroll to “Offline Program Registration Forms” below.


Important Registration Dates/Deadlines for 2017/2018:

School Year 2017/2018:                        CURRENT members – Open Now      NEW members – Open Now

Chase River 2017/2018 Preschool:      CURRENT  members – Open Now    NEW members – Open Now

Daycare & Multiage 2017/2018:           CURRENT members – Open Now     NEW members – Open Now

Summer Camp 2018:                           CURRENT members – April 1, 2018    NEW members – May 1, 2018   *Requests for daily registrations will only be approved pending space available.

Please contact the program/club you are interested in to confirm availability before beginning the registration process.


Has the Out of School Care, Daycare or Preschool Supervisor at your local club confirmed availability?

GREAT! Click to start your registration:


Read more here about using the EZChildTrack in the”Parents Portal Quick Start Guide

In person support, and step by step videos are available if you need assistance with the process.  Please call 250-754-3215 and ask for Accounts Receivable Coordinator Kellie Hawkins. 


 Offline Program Registration Packages- Unlicensed Programs

Other Forms/Memos